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Emergency Response

Dear Parents,


Your child’s safety and security are top priority. In line with emergency preparedness, the school attended a series of emergency evacuation management sessions under the supervision of Red Cross and experts in disaster management. As a result, I.D.E.A.S. has developed a system consisting of clear procedures for various emergency situations such as earthquake, fire and other possible disturbances.

The children are aware of possible emergency scenarios and have been taught the proper response in case an earthquake or fire happens. During an earthquake, the children are trained to perform the “drop, cover and hold” position until the shaking stops. They are trained to evacuate the classroom in a quick but calm and orderly manner—continue to cover their heads as they line up and walk out the exit point. Last August 25 and August 30, the school conducted an earthquake drill in the morning and afternoon sessions. The children followed the protocols readily as the teachers and aides fulfilled their respective roles. Caregivers/fetchers waiting inside the school joined the drills as well. We shall continue to have unannounced drills throughout the school year.

The goal is for the I.D.E.A.S. community to be ready and knowledgeable of the proper response during emergency situations. Attached is the school’s Emergency Response Plan, which includes information on our grab bags and emergency fetching system. We ask for your support and cooperation in its implementation. Please accomplish the reply slip and send it on or before October 11, 2017. Grab bags are due on or before October 17 (PTC Day).

We shall continue to update our Emergency Response Plan and inform you of any developments. Let us be one in keeping our families safe. Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

Ma. Francesca B. Diaz


  1. Each school year, I.D.E.A.S. administrators, teachers and staff form a Disaster Management Committee where each one plays a role in ensuring proper and safe evacuation of all students and employees.
  2. When there is an earthquake: a. Everyone will “drop, cover and hold” until shaking stops. b. Students, under the supervision teachers and school aides, will evacuate the classroom in a quick but calm and orderly manner—covering their heads as they line up and walk out the exit point. c. An area in the driveway between the playground and vacant lot has been identified as a safe zone or evacuation site for all students and employees. Here all students and employees will assemble in columns. Each class will form a column, allowing an efficient headcount to be led by each class teacher.
  3. In any emergency situation, the sound of the siren or long and continuous whistle blows is a signal to move away from hazard and evacuate. Short whistle blows is a signal that help is needed.
  4. In addition to the school’s emergency provisions, each student will submit a Grab Bag. A checklist of items for the Grab Bag is printed below. Please put items in a Ziplock bag. Kindly submit your child’s Grab Bag on or before October 17 (PTC Day). It will be returned to you at the end of the school year.
    • LED flashlight
    • Whistle
    • Large garbage bag
    • Bright bandanna
    • 1 bottled water (350 mL)
    • 2 packs of crackers
    • 1 energy bar/pack of cereal (35 g)
    • First-aid paper tape (Mediplast 1.25 cm x 5 m)
    • 15 mL Povidone-Iodine
    • 60 mL 70% alcohol
    • Band aid (standard/3 pcs.)
    • Gauze bandage (Mediplast size 2 x 10 yds)
    • 2 pcs surgical mask
    • 1 small pack of wipes
    • For NIDO- extra shoes or slippers and 2 diapers
  5. To facilitate order in fetching the students, we will implement an Emergency Fetching System, in which parents assign emergency fetchers for their child. Kindly accomplish details of your child’s emergency fetchers in the reply slip given to your child. Authorized emergency fetchers must know pertinent information about the student for verification purposes during pick up.