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Christmas Outreach

Dear Parents,


This season of giving, the IDEAS Family would like to emphasize to the children how a small generous act can make a difference in a person’s life—both the giver and the receiver. In line with this, we are organizing two projects that will pave the way for each IDEAS kid to have a personal and meaningful giving experience for the upcoming holiday.

All collected items from these projects will be given to Gentle Hands, Inc., our beneficiary for this year’s charitable event. Gentle Hands Inc. is a child and youth welfare agency that provides holistic and therapeutic residential homecare services like basic education, nutrition, and general health care to children in physical danger and those who are severely ill, malnourished, abandoned, sexually/physically abused, and disadvantaged and in other crisis situations as a result of poverty or uncaring family environment.



  • How to make the Holiday Shoebox:
  1. Look for an old but useable and presentable shoebox.
  2. Design the shoebox with art. Your child may use any art materials.
  3. Let your child pick preloved toy/book that he/she is willing to share and give. Then, put the chosen item in the box. Note: Put it mind that another child will be receiving this so please make sure the preloved item is still in good condition. J
  4. Have your child sign a card with his/her name (Casa) or handprint (Nido) and put the card inside the box.
  • All children are encouraged to do this activity.
  • Let your child bring the Holiday Shoebox to school on December 17 for the show and tell during Circle Time.



  • Aside from the Operation Holiday Shoebox, we will also have a drive for our beneficiary. As much as we want to accept any kind of donations, we would like to ensure that the donations will truly benefit Gentle hands, Inc. so we inquired and came up with the list of items that they consume profusely:
  1. EQ Dry (medium/large)
  2. Bear Brand Milk Powder
  3. Surf Detergent Powder
  • The drive will be from December 5, 2018 until December 17, 2018.
  • You and your child may drop your donations in the IDEAS 3rd floor Hallway, where three big boxes labelled DIAPERS, MILK, and DETERGENT will be found.

With your support and generous help, we can encourage the children to understand how their simple way of giving can impact the lives of other children.

Happy holidays! Thank you very much!


IDEAS Teachers