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Art with a Heart 2017

Dear Parents,


Children learn “giving” by participating in giving. These last few weeks our emphasis and lessons have centered on keeping our hearts healthy. We learned that the best way to do so is by staying happy – a feeling that we get from sharing. The Christmas season is upon us so we try to impart to our students how to foster empathy by sharing their time, talent and opportunities with those who are most in need.

In line with our efforts, we are having an art auction entitled- “Art with a Heart” on Monday, December 11 from ____ to ____ am/pm. The activity will feature paintings made by your very own little artist, inspired by elements which remind us of the Christmas season. The aim is to take your child’s love for art and passion for self-expression as a means to reach out to children of less fortunate communities. All proceeds from the art auction will be given to our beneficiary, Parroquia De La Nuestra Señora Dela Paz y Buen Viaje Old Balara.– a non-governmental organization whose vision is “to empower the youth through education”. Their Educational Assistance Program provides monthly financial support to children of informal settler families in the Old Balara community. Please find the attached brochure for more information on our beneficiary.

The first 30 minutes is a silent auction, which will allow you to go around your child’s classroom to view the exhibits. Each child will have at least two art pieces, and we request that you purchase at least one of your child’s artwork. Individual art pieces will start at the price range of PhP 150 to 200. The next 30 minutes is a live auction, where your child’s class will present a masterpiece that they have worked on together. All adult representatives are encouraged to participate in the live auction.

We invite one family member to come and accompany each child to the auction. A more detailed mechanics of the activity will be provided on the day. No payments will be received during the auction. Only pledges will be accepted through a Bid and Pledge Form, which will be distributed at the start of the activity.

With your support and generous help, we can encourage the children to understand that in simple ways they can impact the lives of others. Thank you very much!

Respectfully yours,

I.D.E.A.S. Teachers

Noted by:

Ma. Francesca Belizario-Diaz (Head Directress)